Corporate Social Responsibility at the LCBO
The responsible sale of beverage alcohol is a public trust the LCBO took on in 1927. It’s a key reason why the LCBO exists. Our mandate is to promote social responsibility in the consumption of alcohol, while helping fund important government priorities such as health care, education and investment in public infrastructure.
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LCBO’s approach to business and decision making is guided by four social responsibility focus areas:

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The LCBO’s dedication to preventing sales of beverage alcohol to minors, intoxicated adults and those buying for either party is a source of pride for us.
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Before a product is put on the shelf and offered for sale, it must be tasted, tested and authenticated by our Quality Assurance department.
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Through innovative initiatives, we’re working to protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint and help foster a sustainable Ontario.
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We believe bringing customers and employees together to support worthy causes allows us to continuously give back to the communities where we live and work.